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Trend watch : swimming ponds

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swimming pond with vis à vis teak loungers
swimming pond with wooden loungers
teak sunbed at swimming pond

Visualize this: you are lazily floating, toes up, in a pond of clear running water, surrounded by wild grass. Hummingbirds land on nearby flowers and the scent of lavender. Is this a dream or some midday fantasy? Neither. Just ask Elisabeth, who chose to be part of a new trend in swimming the natural way, without chlorine or other harsh chemicals in the water. For the ultimate back-to-nature retreat, she put in a swimming pond in her garden.

Outdoor bliss 

“Have you ever had the opportunity to swim in a crystal clear lake or stream? Then you know the sense of bliss that only nature can supply”, she argues. Moreover, swimming ponds are ecologically balanced, self-cleaning and beautiful. Elisabeth loves sharing her appreciation for nature with her children and grandchildren. “On a cold, frosty morning the idea of diving into a cold garden pond for a swim isn't quite their idea of fun. But they do love sitting outside, playing around and soaking up the surroundings”, she says while relaxing on the Vis à Vis lounger, her favorite Tribù outdoor furniture piece.

 “I love this design, because it enables us to be together and communicate in a very informal way, especially when I place two loungers alongside each other, with the heads positioned towards each other. It’s fantastic, although my smallest grand child always suggests I come and sit with him and snuggle up while I read him a story.” Elisabeth is an outdoor person and quite eager to help others escape the city life and connect with nature’s beauty.