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Setting the scene

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Rina, who is married to Tribù founder Lode and is the mother of current managing partners Koen and Tom, has been responsible for the styling at Tribù for more than 20 years. 

She has a well-known preference for contemporary designs and discreet luxury, something that has defined the DNA of the brand over the years. You see her eye for fine detail in the Tribu showroom styling and in all the images of Tribù. We interviewed her about how she developed her passion for style, where she gets her inspiration from and what her favourite shoot locations are.

Essence of home

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Our homes and gardens are there to nurture us, especially during these unsettling times. We asked the Tribù family members to share a glimpse of their own gardens, and what they mean to them.

We visited Lode and his wife Rina as well as their sons Koen and Tom for an intimate photo diary.

A leisurely lunch with the family behind Tribù

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Tribù's family

Tribù is a third-generation, 100% family-run company, which is unique in our business. My name is Koen De Cock, the CEO at Tribù. Together with my brother, Tom, I run the day-to-day business, which my father Lode founded in the early 1990’s.

Our grandfather had started an outdoor furniture business before that, but when my father took over, he wanted to do something new. His vision was to make contemporary outdoor furniture that looked and felt like interior furniture. But bringing your interior style outside meant the furniture had to be rain- and sun-resistant. Tribù’s success then and now is combining design innovation with high-performance technical fabrics and materials, which is how the Art of Leisure was born.

Salty Sea Air

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testimonial father daughter beach sea

Time is precious and time with my family is the most precious of all. My ideal weekend is one without plans, when we can pack up a couple of beach chairs and escape to the coast. The open sky and the slow rhythm of the waves are the ideal setting to unwind in and to reconnect with what is most important.

alfresco lunch

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Tosca dining table ceramic

A family gathering is a special time, a chance for generations to talk and catch up with each other’s news. And what better setting than a beautiful garden, a sunlit setting for a long, leisurely lunch.

 “I cherish these times, especially when I see my grandchildren. They are growing up so fast – each visit is precious.” For Astrid, bringing together the people she loves in the garden she has tended for years is a chance to create a little outdoor theatre.

My garden is an extension of my home. I like everything to be just so, simple yet elegant.

Interview with Yabupushelberg

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Tribù loungers and armchairs at the swimming pool of Park Hyatt New York

Canadian designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg are masters in designing luxury hotels, top level restaurants, bars and shops. In the Park Hyatt New York they used Tribù's Botanic Loungers and Pure sofa armchairs. Leen Creve interviewed them about designing for interior ánd exterior.


What are you working on right now?

Trend watch : swimming ponds

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swimming pond with vis à vis teak loungers

Visualize this: you are lazily floating, toes up, in a pond of clear running water, surrounded by wild grass. Hummingbirds land on nearby flowers and the scent of lavender. Is this a dream or some midday fantasy? Neither. Just ask Elisabeth, who chose to be part of a new trend in swimming the natural way, without chlorine or other harsh chemicals in the water. For the ultimate back-to-nature retreat, she put in a swimming pond in her garden.

Outdoor bliss 

The new luxury : rooftop gardens

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Where super-density reigns, cities have to get creative. Rooftops are all fair game when it comes to giving city dwellers a place to relax. So green is getting up, with city residents transforming adjoining blank rooftops into a sprawling green oasis.