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Centre Pompidou Metz, innovative architecture

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Tribù Essentiel Loungers and Natal Techno tennis benches make part of this unique architectural style, a blend of light and luminous tones, powerful and graceful at the same time. 
On May 12, the first Pompidou Centre outside Paris, opened in Metz. The new center was designed by Shigeru Ban Architects (Tokyo) in association with Jean de Gastines (Paris) and Gumuchdjian Architects (London). It has a large hexagonal structure designed around a central spire, rising 77m above ground. Eye-catcher is the roof – a huge, translucent membrane made up of hexagonal wooden units, resembling the cane-work pattern of a Chinese hat. The structure is covered with a waterproof membrane made from fibre glass and teflon.  
Inside the building, the space is flooded with day light, the atmosphere is enhanced by a pale wood roof, white-painted walls and floors in pearl-grey polished concrete. While visiting the expositions, you can sit and relax on the Natal Techno tennis benches with slats in a white polypropylene composite material , which is is colour-fast, anti-static, stain-repellent, frostproof and 100% recyclable. The building is surrounded by a square and garden where you can enjoy the architecture of the building while lying on Essentiel ctr loungers with frames in electropolished stainless steel and black Batyline. 

Prescribed by Formes et Couleurs - Metz

Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban & Jean de Gastines