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Baglietto Lucky Me

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Baglietto Yacht Tribù

A super-yacht with a dynamic profile, Lucky Me is cutting-edge yacht design by Italian specialists Balgietto. The award-winning 46-metre Fast yacht combines streamlined design with ample deck space for luxury ocean living. Spacious interiors clad in rosewood and cool white lacquer open out to sun decks and alfresco bars.


The elegant stern deck features Tribù Mood Club Chairs, deep, luxurious seats backed with a wengé weave over a teak frame, echoing the wood of the deck and the warm metallic graphite of Lucky Me’s hull.

Warm breezes and sea views make this open-air bar an ideal spot to gather in, with Tribù’s Mood Bar Chairs setting a tone of simple sophistication.

Baglietto - Lucky Me
Emilio Bianchi