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New collection 2015 online

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The past year, the high-end collection TOSCA by Monica Armani, with its typical extra large braiding, was launched very successfully. A sequel had to follow. In 2015, the collection is expanded with a distinctive dining set and a luxurious daybed.
In 2015 TRIBÙ directs itself with the entry collection ILLUM also to a younger generation, which has an eye for style and quality but however not a budget yet for true high-end outdoor furniture. The ILLUM chair refers to the classical Scandinavian furniture archetypes, translated with updated materials for outdoors. Aluminium is used like sculpted wood throughout the collection, with smooth transitions from crisp to soft lines. Functionality is paramount for ILLUM, without compromising on comfort and class however.

In addition, the VINTAGE chair is relaunched. The design bucket seat is kept, but two alternatives are added to the original steel frame: a version with lacquered legs and a version with teak legs.

For those who like to go all the way in cosiness and comfort, TRIBÙ launches outdoor carpets in four different colours. With their natural colours, the carpets give the patio a warm and homely atmosphere and make the atmosphere complete !