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Drops side tables

Drops side table

Drops side table

Drops side tables are inspired by the concentric circles formed by falling raindrops. They come in a selection of three different heights and two diameters, 40cm and 60cm. The bases have a crescent shape cut out of them, which makes grouping these versatile tables a visual game. Drops side tables, designed by Verónica Martínez, are are easy to move and cluster together. Made of powdercoated aluminium, they are available in white, aluminium, wengé and burgundy.



Drops H30cm dia40 - D5026

Drops H40cm dia40 - D5026

Drops H50m dia40 - D5026

Drops H30cm dia60 - D5027 30

Drops H40cm dia60 D5027 40

D5027 H50cm dia60 - D5027 50

clean & protect

clean & protect

Caring for your Tribù furniture

Seaside or city-side, tropical or Nordic, your Tribù outdoor furniture performs perfectly and keeps its looks year round wherever you are and whatever your weather. To enhance its durability and appearance, we have developed a specialised range of protective and cleaning products. Used regularly, they will keep your furniture looking its best and lasting longer.



Cleans powdercoated aluminium and powdercoated stainless steel.



Reduces the adhesion of dirt and fingerprints.