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Lightened concrete

Branch - Tao

Lightened concrete is a mix of recyclable, organic fibres without resins, with a very natural look. The organic fibres ensure high performance in technical and structural terms, making it very resistant to compression and bending. The extremely dense microstructure with a low porosity means the concrete has a low sensitivity to the exposure of sea water, sulfates and acids. It also ensures a high resistance to abrasion. The concrete is coloured in the mass; this ensures a long lasting original colour. The material is also resistant to frost and flame retardant. Typical of the material are the shiny spots and relief which are a result of the traditional production process. Each top is hand finished by an Italian craftsman. This implies that every product is unique and different from another. Colour nuances between different productions may also occur.

Clean the concrete table top with a soft clean cloth soaked in a solution of warm, clear water and a pH-neutral fluid detergent. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. Stains should be cleaned immediately, especially oily stains. To remove marks or stains, use Synthetics Super Cleaner and gently rub with a short-haired, soft brush. Do not use corrosive or acidic detergents. To restore the original shine to dull concrete surfaces, we recommend treating the surface after cleaning with protective wax. Apply with a clean, soft cloth to the dry surface.


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clean & protect

clean & protect

Caring for your Tribù furniture

Seaside or city-side, tropical or Nordic, your Tribù outdoor furniture performs perfectly and keeps its looks year round wherever you are and whatever your weather. To enhance its durability and appearance, we have developed a specialised range of protective and cleaning products. Used regularly, they will keep your furniture looking its best and lasting longer.



Cleans stubborn stains from synthetic materials, Canax®, Tosca weave and Batyline®.



Applies an unvisible film and protects against the adhesion of dirt. Suitable for synthetic materials, Canax®, Tosca weave and Batyline®.